Hello and thank you for stopping by to visit this site.  My name is Paul Edwin Hendee.  If you are a Hendee or in some way connected to a Hendee, feel free to use our Contact Form if we can be of any assistance on finding the information you seek.  Also, we hope you will use this site as a point on the web for your research.

This site has links that will directly connect you to a Hendee Family Tree that I continue to work on.  Understand, this tree is far from perfect.  But, it does have a lot of good information with Sources.

Many researchers enjoy networking with other researchers.  This website provides a place for this collaboration.  The Hendee Genealogy Forum is where various topics of Hendee Genealogy can be discussed.  If interested in participating, please register.

If you are a FaceBook person, there is also a page on Facebook for more info and other Hendee’s there.  Just go to The Hendee Family Facebook Page.

If you are a Hendee Researcher you may already realize that the name is a most interesting surname.  There are many Hendee’s in America.  My research has found that there is a high density of the “Hendee" spelling of the name in America dating back to the mid 1600’s in New England.  This is where the popularity of the name ends.  Though I have found a few Hendee’s listed in various genealogical records in Europe, I have yet to discover a firm “Sourced” link to America.  Hendee genealogists will always welcome any credible information out there - With Many Thanks.

Note:  This website and many of the "Important Hendee Websites" are continually changing as more information on the Hendee Family is found.  Please check back from time to time.

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