Our Family Tree!

The Hendee Family Tree represents six years of genealogical work. It was developed in an application I have on my home computer.

Initially the Tree opens up to my initial family. Clicking on the name to the furthest right reveals the next generation an so on. There is a pane on the upper right where you may click on The "Persons", "Families", "Sources", and "Statistics". It seems to be easy to navigate. Unfortunately, there is no search engine. In this tree I have 7,712 ancestors listed.

I hope you enjoy wandering around The Hendee Family Tree site. I am always open to correction if valid. Feel free to fill in the
"Contact Me" form. I will do my best to review and make any correction I can.

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The Hendee Family
A Genealogical Study
The Hendee Crest may have been created in London in the early 1400s for Sir John Hendie, Mayor of London, England. It was first recorded on page 478 of the General Armorial of England, Scotland & Wales Published in 1884. Other family documentation was found as well.
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When you click on the above link you will be taken to the family tree I have created. At the botom of the first page, there is a GEDCOM icon for you to download my latest GEDCOM