Throughout the centuries here in America there has always been one or two Hendee’s who question the unique name they carry.  In the Mid 1700’s there was a family member, Caleb Hendee, Jr., who kept a somewhat detailed Manuscript, known as “Caleb Hendee’s Manuscript”, on the family as he knew it.  Many times he would list an uncle or a cousin with a different spelling of the name.  The spelling would be Hendy, Handy or Hynde.  However, here in America, Hendee seems to be the prevailing spelling.  As to how this spelling came about, we need only to look at any immigration process.  If a clerk at the dock hears the phonetic of Hynde, the may file you as Hendee.  You may not wish to cause waves.  So, you and yours’ will remain Hendee.

There are many documented sources which list Richard Hendee as the first Hendee in America.  Though most say he came to America in 1660, there have been no sources that truly document where he or his family came from.  Many say possibly England.  Others say France.  Still others say Holland.  We do know that he worked as a carpenter, and more specifically a ship carpenter, here in America.

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