The Digital Library is made up of books located on the internet that contain valuable information for the Hendee Researcher. To use this library simply click on one of the desired Book Titles below.  When you do, you will be directed to a site containing the Searchable PDF.  In your browser go to “File” and scroll to “Save”.  Select an area on your computer to save the file.  Once the file is saved, you may now open it and Search for the word you’d like to find in the book - Perhaps “Hendee”.

For a link to my large collection of books in PDF format, please fill in my Contact Form.  I will then send you a link to this Library of books that contain the name Hendee or Hendy.

Family History and Genealogy of The State of Connecticut

The History of Windham County, Connecticut, 1600 - 1760

Index to the public records of the county of Albany, state of New York, 1630-1894

A History of The Conant Family In America

A Hendee Family Discussion

Caleb Hendee Manuscript

Commemortive Biografic for Tolland & Windham, Connecticut

Landmarks of Monroe County 1895

Robert F Hendee, Webster, New York

Biographical Records of Monroe County

The Compendium of American Genealogy

The History of Pittsford, Vermont

Extracts From The History of England

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